IC Desk

In many companies, the key strength resides in the staff. Specialist skills, knowledge and experience are all highly valuable assets – and portable. What would happen if those key employees left and joined the competition or worse, got hit by the number 9 bus? How would you cope? What would you do?

ICIPIA can help identify your knowledge assets and help you record them in the most appropriate way so that they will always be available to you. We can also help you make sure that you have appropriately worded contracts and agreements in place with your key employees so that there is no question about who owns that invention or customer list or formula, or what happens should they leave.

Inevitably there will be significant other intellectual assets arising from your human capital, and each day brings more. Keeping on top of it all can seem daunting – and expensive! But time spent getting to grips with it risks diverting management attention from core business.

Let ICIPIA assess and refine your assets portfolio, ensuring best fit with overall commercial strategy for optimum financial performance. Maintenance, buying-in to fill gaps and divesting surplus, these are all everyday elements of ICIPIA’s active hands-on management of your intellectual assets, including your human capital.