IP, IA and IC Analytics

Having access to the best data available, presented in the most understandable way is crucial when it comes to executive decision-making. Scraping data off the web using searches or public domain engines just can’t cut the mustard when it comes to IP analytics.

Sites like Esp@cenet are excellent tools to find out about a single invention and the various Intellectual Property Offices, e.g. UKIPO (formerly the UK Patent Office) are very helpful but they simply do not provide the power and sophistication to be able to perform complex searches and the re-packaging of data from them into meaningful, understandable formats.

Our analysts use the very best tools to gather, collate and present IP and other data in the clearest way possible. Using the latest tools such as Thomson Innovation, Derwent and Aureka, we provide global-class information but at prices small companies can afford.

Example of a Themescape Map

From basic searches to complex Themescapes®, freedom-to-operate and infringement risk analysis to citation analysis, we can provide the analytics you need, to the depth you require, at a price you can afford.