Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Things do not always go as planned. People break promises and so do the companies they work for. Even the best, most diligent companies can find that they have infringed another partys’ rights or that another party has infringed yours.

It’s always better to avoid fighting it out in the courts, not just for monetary considerations either; it’s slow, consumes time and resources and often has an uncertain outcome. Mediation and dispute resolution are often highly effective, nearly always quicker and ultimately less rancorous.

ICIPIA provides a comprehensive mediation service for those who wish to manage and resolve their differences or disputes effectively and quickly.

Mediation (and dispute resolution) has to be a facilitated process if it is to be successful. We offer to meet or talk with parties or their professional advisers to discuss how mediation works in practice, how to make the best use of the mediation process and how to prepare effectively for it without any commitment by either party or cost to you. We will only charge if it is the appropriate mechanism to resolve your difficulties and you go ahead with it.

If you are not in dispute yet but think things are coming to a head, it is far easier to nip it in the bud in a facilitated mediation session than try to resolve it later when entrenched positions have been established.

If you wish to talk to us about mediation and dispute resolution services, please feel free to call on 0141 225 6285 or e-mail us at