Licensing is an essential part of business yet is all too often regarded as a daunting prospect. Whether you are considering licensing in someone else’s technology or licensing out some of your own IP, we can help ensure licensing works for you.

Here at ICIPIA we have the skills and expertise, gained over many years in a wide range of industries, to help you throughout the licensing process.

If you are licensing out your own technology, we can assist you with establishing your licensing strategy and finding licensees through the negotiation process to striking the right deal. We can also help with royalty rate benchmarking and in other areas such as evaluation and demonstration licences.

If you are licensing in another’s technology, using IP analytics we can help to identify potential licensors (and other licensees) of the IP you need as well as with negotiation of the licence itself.

As with all our services, help with licensing is included in our unique pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly products, as well as individually – see our Products page for details.